Sam the Anti-Preemie in the recovery room

We Survived Our Extended Hospitalization

The idea was simple enough. Well, as simple as a hospitalization and surgical procedure on a 4 year old could be. But this is Sam. And he has never - ever - done anything simple. After speaking with the hospital admissions team, we decided to admit Sam at 11:30 am. This would allow him a … [Read More...]

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Sam the Anti-Preemie: Poop Update

It must be about the poop

I know - Sam's birthday came and went without my usual post talking about the emotional stress leading up to his birthday and the joy of the actual celebration. I wish I had a better reason for not writing, but I don't. i just didn't. What can I say. I was sad and emotional up until his … [Read More...]

Sam the Anti-Preemie Acceptance


Tomorrow is Sam's first ever birthday party... with friends... from his school. I was hesitant to throw him a party, unsure if other kids would come. I was nervous that if I invited his class, they would all find excuses not to attend the party. Sam's therapist pushed me. She told me Sam was … [Read More...]

Sam the Anti-Preemie: Big Chicken

The Chicken’s Way Out

Did anyone notice? That is what I kept asking myself after hitting publish on my last post. The opening line was so obvious: After 7 months of single parenting, But, since I hadn't told a lot of people, I wasn't sure if anyone would really notice... or realize what I had just said. This was … [Read More...]