Sam The Anti-Preemie's amazing grandparents

Why is asking for help so hard?

You would think, with all I have been through, that by now I would be an expert at asking people for help.  Or at least accepting help when it is offered to me. The reality is, I am terrible at both.  I hate leaning on people.  I hate needing help.  I feel guilty every time I accept … [Read More...]

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Sam the Anti-Preemie and his mom

Stop trying to “cure” my son

The past few weeks have been filled with a number of amazing stories on autism. Stories that were insulting, inspiring, and infuriating. I know that I may be in the minority because I do not sit and wonder why my son has autism. I am confident I know why. Sam was born at 24 weeks. That means the … [Read More...]


Sometimes in the background

Some days, I forget about how Sam's Autism (and former preemie status) has impacted Irene. She has had to give up a lot for her little brother. More than most of us. And more often than not, she has done this quietly and without complaint. Because of the maturity that Irene has shown, I sometimes … [Read More...]

Sam the Anti Preemie and his sister

Waking from a long slumber

Sadly, no. I am not talking about the mythical creature all parents have heard tales of that sleeps for hours at a time - uninterrupted. Sadly, the slumber I am talking about is more metaphorical than actual. I have come to the realization that I have been sleepwalking through the past five years … [Read More...]