You Have Come A Long Way Baby – Revisited

Then you were only 1 lbs 12 ozs. At 3, you were 31 lbs. Now, you are almost 50(?!) pounds     Then your heart had a leaky valve. At 3, a tiny clip has done its job and your heart is perfect - and you are learning the art of shaving. Now, you are doing martial … [Read More...]

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Updated: Sam, the Pre-Existing Condition

Since this blog launched, I have always referred to Sam as "Sam, the Anti-Preemie". I am thinking of changing his name to "Sam, the Pre-Existing Condition". When Sam decided to make his early entry into the world, my life was turned upside down. I don't need to go back an chronicle that for … [Read More...]

The School District vs. The Anti-Preemie

I have debated writing about my battle with my local school district publicly. What if someone reads this and all my hard work goes down the drain due to someone's bruised ego. But then I remembered, I don't shy away from anything on this site. And I have never once worried about what someone … [Read More...]

Six years and counting

My sweet boy. It has been a while since I wrote just to you. Life with you is never dull - and I am so thankful for that. There are a few things I could do without- lets never have to be hospitalized for an impacted bowel again - ok? The reality is, you have overcome so much, but more than … [Read More...]