Sharing Insights On My 5th World Prematurity Day As a Preemie Parent

I "celebrated" my first World Prematurity Day in the NICU. Sam was just two months old actual and was on his second full day of being off oxygen support. A lot has changed since that day, and I thought I would take a moment and reflect back on the five main things I have learned in the past … [Read More...]

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Stop treating him like he is different

Last night, in a discussion with a friend, I was told I needed to stop treating Sam like he is different.  Now, I can't stop thinking about this. Sam has been different since the day he was born: He was only 24 weeks at birth, but was considered large for his "age". He was off the vent in … [Read More...]

What’s One More Therapist

When Sam graduated from the NICU, we were lucky. Aside from our pediatrician, Sam only had one specialist, a retinoligist That didn't last long. Pretty soon we added in the developmental playgroup (which came with an OT and a PT), the high risk infant follow up clinic, a weekly visiting nurse, … [Read More...]

Can you make something with me?

This morning was magical. No seriously. Magical. I was in the kitchen getting breakfast made when I first hear it. It was faint and in the distance. Then it got louder. Giggling. Lots of giggling. And not just one voice, but two. The giggling was then followed by a conversation. Again, not a … [Read More...]